National Geographic

Soooo today all of my dreams came true. A producer from National Geographic emailed me, requesting permission to feature one of my videos on the Nat Geo website. The producer stated that my short film would be of interest to the Nat Geo audience. I had to read the email several times and pinch myself just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. To say that I was excited would be a vast understatement.

National Geographic Homepage Screenshot

Like many children from my generation, I grew up on National Geographic magazines and films. My grandfather had a subscription to Nat Geo for what must’ve been the majority of his life. I remember gazing at his bookshelves as a young six-year-old child, having to squint from the bright yellow glow of hundreds of National Geographic magazines lining the shelves. I spent countless hours flipping through his vast collection, exploring foreign countries and cultures, and reading fascinating facts about wild animals. My grandfather must’ve taken note of my interest, because that year he gave me two National Geographic atlases for Christmas; Our World and Our Fifty States.

I can recall my mom taking my brother and I to Blockbuster Video, where I would always head straight for the Special Interest section to look for Nat Geo nature films for rent. Same thing at my local library; I would scour the premises for any yellow VHS cassettes I could find. I still own the National Geographic: The Filmmakers on VHS, with Derek Joubert on the cover, draped in zebra skin and wielding his film camera.

So to receive an email from National Geographic is by far the most flattering and exciting thing that has ever happened to me in my entire career. Now if only I could land a full time job or commission from them.

Hey Nat Geo, I’m available…

Check out the video featured on the Nat Geo website here: