MUSK – Short Doc Project

This project was an exercise in producing a documentary entirely from existing content. I wanted to weave together a narrative without shooting interviews or broll. Research the topic, hunt down and gather content, and create a compelling story from it. It sounded like a fun and interesting challenge.

Being a native of Florida’s Space Coast, I’ve had an interest in Elon Musk and his work at SpaceX. I decided for this project I would produce a 3-minute documentary showcasing Musks’ accomplishments as CEO of Space Exploration Technologies.

All of the content used in the piece was found under the Creative Commons license. I created the backbone of the story through sound bites from a Mahalo interview with Musk. I listened to several interviews with Musk but pulled all of the soundbytes from the Mahalo interview.

All of the SpaceX video was taken right from their Vimeo page, while I acquired the NASA footage via an official request and FTP from their archives. I even acquired some amazing timelapse footage shot from the International Space Station.

Fun project for sure. I hope to produce a feature-length doc one day entirely from existing content.