I noticed this morning at 9am that one of my videos had a sudden spike in viewership. The video in question is a short documentary I produced about Crystal River, a fascinating location on the Gulf Coast of Florida where you can swim with Manatees. Truly a magical, one of a kind place. Clearly the video had been embedded or shared somewhere quite popular, so I pulled up my analytics to find out where all of these views where coming from.

I tracked the URL embed to Bing? I was confused. People were searching it through Bing? Why was the URL embed just and not a specific URL? I navigated to Bing’s homepage to see what was up.

Screenshot of

Come to find out, the theme of the day on was, you guessed it, Crystal River. My documentary was linked directly from their homepage. So cool! Needless to say my Crystal River documentary got some viewership.

Check out the wonders of this one of a kind spot!: